About US

Established in early 2004, Impact Research and Measurement, is a pioneer and a leader in offering media research, media monitoring & measurement services in India. Today we help over 200 leading Indian and transnational companies achieve their communication goals by empowering them with in-depth secondary market research, media intelligence, media analytics, and competitive benchmarking. Giving our clientele compelling media research service to help them make informed decision is our Endeavour.

Impact Research and Measurement is managed by public relations, marketing and media measurement professionals such as you. We understand your need to continuously monitor, analyse and interpret news to proactively and positively influence communications programmes that impact the reputation of your company, its products and its people. Understandably, our solutions are globally benchmarked to help you demystify and make sense of news that impacts you.

In recent times, ongoing global economic instability has put pressure on corporate budgets. Thus, there is an ever-increasing pressure for marketers, publications relations and communication professionals to prove return on investment. We understand all of this. Our media research and media monitoring services are designed keeping these realities in mind. We believe our media research services help PR professionals determine the ‘success’ of their PR campaigns and demonstrate the value of their efforts to the C-suite.

Our team

Durgesh Garg

Durgesh Garg

Vice President, Operations

Kanika Dayal

Director, Business Development

Vikrant Tripathi

Team Lead- Analysis

Rajeev Chopra

Manage, Account & Admin