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Impact is not just a media monitoring company, we help you make sense of news and conversations that affect your reputation. We keep our ears to the ground so that you can keep your head held high.

What we do

Our services are designed to offer maximum value to the Public Relations Professionals. Many accountants, consultants, marketing professionals, VCs and legal experts also use our services.


Print Monitoring

Impact offers you the most comprehensive print media coverage in India.
50+ cities
18 languages

Online Monitoring

Impact continuously analyses the online media space to identify which online sources should you be monitoring for maximum Impact. This helps you stay away from clutter and focus on the relevant sources.

TV Monitoring

Working with our partners, we monitor 29 TV News Channels for you.

Social Media Monitoring

We know how a PR professional needs to listen to social media conversations and how its different from the needs of a CRM function.

Research & Measurement

The more you make sense of the news that impacts you, greater the influence you have on your organization’s communication outcomes and in turn your media ROI.


Our clients in United States and Europe have already experienced the tremendous benefit of the fact that we know this business as well as any one in the world. When you talk to us, we talk your language as it is our language too!

how do we learn

Other than our clients, who keep us on our toes with new challenges, we have formal relationships with several Industry and Academic bodies. These relationships help us learn and service our clients better. Impact is a member of all these bodies.


International Association for the Measurement & Evaluation of Communication


Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse


The Public Relations Consultants Association of India


Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)

how are we different

Everyone has access to same data and similar technologies these days. Its our beliefs, capabilities and experiences that set us apart from other companies operating in this space.

Here are some examples of our approach to communications monitoring and measurement that are loved by our clients.


Integrated Listening

We not only tell you if a particular newspapers wrote about you in their print edition, we also monitor if the same newspaper talks about you on their website or their twitter handle mentions you in a tweet. And we bring it all, together, in one integrated view.

Integrated STATS

You can see your media visibility metrics across print, online and twitter also in the one interface.

Knowledge Nuggets

We create and present insights in “small” knowledge nuggets that are easy to read, understand and apply in your campaigns. 

Our “DidYouNotice” reports and “SmartDASH” can get you ready for an elevator test in just 5 minutes.

Specialised Twitter Monitoring Bundle

We understand that PR professionals need a different Twitter monitoring solution as compared to Customer Service/ CRM or Marketing team members. Therefore we created a specialised Twitter Monitoring Bundle for PR Professionls.

STATS that allow better insights

We understand that you may want to monitor all mentions including passing mentions, but you will like to measure only the prominent mentions. Therefore our stats provide you views for “All Mentions” as well as “Only Prominent Mentions”. 

Integrated Mobile App

We offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The apps offer PUSH notifications as well as access to dashboard and your news coverage. 

Alerts via WhatsApp

Happy to share that our alerts service has received formal approval from WhatsApp. This allows us to send alerts to our clients via WhatsApp. These are very useful during cirisis as well proactive events.


myCHARTS reports offer a monthly analysis of all your media outputs. While we design them manually the first times, they are fast and cost efficient thanks to being completely technology driven afterwards.


For your team rooms and large displays, we offer NewsTILES that offer real-time view of the news developments on your company and the competition.


Every client is supported by two levels of customer support teams. These teams take care of client queries, training, scope change requests, quality checks and more.


CRM Team

A CRM person is assigned to every client for support on changes in scope/ training as well as quality checking.


Team Helpdesk


This team provides support on day to day client queries via phone and email.

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